Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009

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Two films will make their world premieres and compete at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009: Flooding In The Time Of Drought by Sherman Ong and White Days by Lei Yuan Bin.

Screenings of Flooding In The Time Of Drought (In Competition: Asian Digital Competition)
Date:     29 Mar 2009
Time:     10:30 AM
Venue:     HK Space Museum Lecture Hall

Date:     05 Apr 2009
Time:     2:30 PM
Venue:     HK Arts Centre Agnès b. CINEMA!

Screenings of White Days (In Competition: Fipresci Award)
Date:      29 Mar 2009
Time:     12:15 PM
Venue:     UA Cityplaza

Date:     01 Apr 2009
Time:     7:30 PM
Venue:     UA Langham Place


Because Cassavetes

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“If you’re worrying about how to finance and distribute your movies, then you shouldn’t bother making movies. You make movies because you need to make movies. Everything else is unimportant. If you wait to get the money to make a movie then you shouldn’t make the movie. If you need distribution in place before you have the courage to make a movie then it’s not a movie worth making. There are many other ways to make money than making movies. If you need to make money, please find some other way to do it. You make movies to lose your money. That is the purpose of making a movie—to put your life into something—not get something out of it.” – John Cassavetes

Inspired by this, 13 LITTLE PICTURES is founded to produce and present innovative feature films by filmmakers who love cinema.