Redhill Close

Directed by Lei Yuan Bin
Screenplay: Lei Yuan Bin
Producer: Looi Wan Ping
Director of photography: han
Production Company: 13 Little Pictures
Format: HD
Genre: Drama
Estimated Running Time: 180 min
Status: Development
Looking for: Pre-sales, Funds
Estimated Release Date: 2010


Vel is an actress who is moving house, out of Redhill Close, an old residential estate in Singapore. While attending endless auditions and making preparations for moving house, her grandfather is dying in Malaysia, her parent’s hometown. Her mother keeps travelling between Singapore and Malaysia, while her father stays at her grandfather’s house. One night, Vel receives a call from her mother in Malaysia, saying that her grandfather has passed away. At the next moment, a mysterious boy appears at the door.

Director’s Statement

REDHILL CLOSE is about Redhill, an old residential estate in Singapore. It contains some of the oldest public housing estates. This film is about its eventual disappearance – the people, the place and the shared memories.  It is also about the Malay folk tale of Redhill.

Director’s Biography

Born in Singapore, Lei Yuan Bin’s debut feature film is WHITE DAYS, which was In Competition for Fipresci Award and Official Selection in Indie Power Section, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009 (World Premiere), as well as the Official Selection in Singapore Panorama, Singapore International Film Festival 2009. His cinematography work includes HAZE which competed for the Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival 2008. He graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Sociology, before attending film school. He was mentored by film maestro Hou Hsiao Hsien at the Asian Film Academy (Pusan International Film Festival 2008) and spent a month in Taipei working as art assistant intern in Tsai Ming Liang’s latest feature film, VISAGES (FACE).


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